Email Evidence

Written by Gregg Ruais
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HR personnel can use email management software to detect possible breaches of company email policy. Anyone within an organization may be guilty of sending inappropriate emails or using company email for private use too often. The best software companies design programs that yield useful reports that HR departments can use to quickly assess how well both entire companies and specific individuals within those companies adhere to email policies.

These programs scan all emails for images and certain keywords commonly found in inappropriate emails. When HR managers spot potential issues with certain employees, they have the ability to recall specific messages and assess whether or not the employee has broken company policy. The right software makes the evidence easy to find and read. Without help from software, few people would even bother trying to sift through email records.

Discovering Poor Performers Using Email Evidence

In some instances, it becomes difficult to fire someone who knows how to talk his way out of trouble. Some people know the rules and how to use company policies to protect themselves. However, email evidence is much harder to debunk.

Say, for example, someone is responsible for sending reports out on Wednesday afternoons. Email archives can definitively prove one way or the other whether or not this has been done. Someone who spends excessive time emailing friends can be discovered. There's just no way around solid email evidence.

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