Email Investigations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The need to conduct email investigations eventually arises at nearly all companies. Businesses that are unprepared for these situations could end up spending seemingly countless hours attempting to retrieve lost messages and sorting through disorganized archives. When an email database stores emails sent by thousands of employees, all of whom send and receive dozens of electronic messages each day, how do you locate a single email sent several months ago if your archives are not easily sorted?

The answer is quite simple. It become a manual process that consumes too much time and costs too much money. In many situations, companies will simply count their losses rather than expend the resources they would need to complete the task of recovery.

Email Investigations Made Easy

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. The best email archiving software accomplishes several goals, including compacting files, organizing data, making databases searchable, and even segregating messages for reporting and monitoring purposes. All of these functions serve different purposes, but one goal they all help achieve is reducing the costs associated with email investigations. Email management software reduces the time spent trying to retrieve past emails from months to seconds. All someone must do is enter certain keywords, specify dates, and provide any other pertinent information in order to significantly narrow the search.

By helping managers enforce company email policies, these software programs discourage employees from sending questionable emails. Someone is much less likely to send non-work-related emails or messages that contain confidential information if they understand that they are accountable for what they send. People are more likely to fact check their messages when they know how their emails could be used against them. By making people more careful about what they write, software programs decrease the likelihood that investigations will take place at all.

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