Email Monitoring Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Email monitoring software provides managers and human resources departments with an efficient means of checking up on employee emails. Manual checks take up too much time and accomplish very little, as many employees delete emails from friends and family as soon as they have read them. At most companies, deleting emails is an effective way to avoid getting in trouble.

Monitoring Email Trends

Email monitoring software caches all emails that pass through company servers, making it impossible for employees to hide anything. Some of the best programs even capture information sent from personal web-based email accounts if employees access their personal email using company computers. Monitoring software sends information directly to department managers, HR personnel, and other authorized users. In short, you don't have to sit at someone's computer to read his emails.

The greatest gain in monitoring efficiency results from the reports these software programs produce. Some employees compile and send spreadsheets, documents, and presentations all day long. It would take too much time for a manager to read all his employees' emails. The reason most managers do not spend time snooping through emails is that they have neither the time to do so nor any use for at least half the content people send.

Reports generated by monitoring software can reveal high-risk behavior and suspicious content. Using the right software, managers have the ability to read only the emails that may have violated company policy, and they don't have to read every single subject line. Rather than monitor email text, managers can supervise the percentage of messages sent to external email addresses at Hotmail, Yahoo!, and others. They can monitor how many image files people send, and they can also check for certain keywords in people's emails. If the overall statistics raise doubts about the appropriateness of the emails someone has been sending, that's when a manager or supervisor might start reading emails.

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