Email Reporting

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The premier email reporting software provides business leaders with comprehensive statistics on overall email usage. Without these reports, managers and executives have no idea whether or not their employees are complying with company email policies or how much efficiency could be gained by ending all abuse. The most basic reports produced by these programs include information on the exact volume of non-business mail sent and received, how many noncompliant attachments are sent though company servers, and data on how much bandwidth can be reclaimed if all abuse ceased.

Reports Created by Email Management Software

After learning about what goes on in their companies, the majority of executives decide that corrective actions must be taken. In most cases, company leadership does not set out to immediately terminate people who have abused company email in the past. If they did, they might have to fire half their workforces. Instead, they write memos and hold meetings on what will be done in the future. Simply letting people know that email management software will be used can greatly reduce email abuse.

Another important statistic is the number of attachments people send to one another and how often those files have nothing to do with work. At the most harmless level, employees send one another pictures or video clips from sporting events or humorous Websites. Other attachments, however, contain explicit sexual content that could bring about sexual harassment cases if seen by the wrong people. Employees send these files much more frequently than one might think.

Business leaders may also find it useful to know how much bandwidth they can recover by putting an end to all email abuse. Bandwidth costs money, and a logjam of emails can reduce the efficiency of email servers. Important emails can be delayed due to an abundance of personal messages sent through a server.

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