Email Retrieval

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Whenever an HR department seeks assistance from the help desk to recall an old message, it's safe to assume that something negative has happened. It could be that an employee has issued a complaint against another, or that someone violated a company policy on sharing privileged information with a client. Having an efficient email retrieval system has little to do with business growth. Rather, it's a matter of necessary risk management.

Managing Risks through Email Retrieval

HR departments must act on possible breaches of company policies quickly. When an employee alleges that someone has been making her feel uncomfortable through unwanted emails for several months, HR needs to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Rather than talking to the accused without the hard evidence to show him, HR personnel prefer to get the facts before any confrontation. With the help of a premier email retrieval software program, an HR manager can find those messages and meet with the accused immediately after the complaint has been brought forth. This helps eliminate problems before they become major issues.

Rather than searching by name and date, people have the option of scanning email databases for specific words associated with high-risk messages. For example, a compliance officer at a brokerage firm might search for words like buy and sell when trying to uncover insider trading. By retrieving emails containing unlawful content, managers can take preventative action to prevent the company from receiving negative press or even incurring noncompliance fees.

In order to deter people from sending sexually explicit email attachments, managers can search for words that would be found in those types of files. Some corporate leaders may find it beneficial to view all emails that contain .jpeg or .avi files. Emails containing inappropriate attachments place companies at risk for sexual harassment suits and could harm a business's image.

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