Email Security Policies

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Companies have email policies to reduce operating expenses and decrease liabilities. If adhered to, business email guidelines minimize the costs of data storage, decrease the likelihood that confidential intellectual property will be shared over email, and prevent offensive messages from circulating either within or outside the company. Without the right measuring tools, however, companies have no way to judge whether or not their employees are listening to their rules.

Email Security Policies Reduce Risks

Revealing employee medical or financial information to the wrong source can mean serious trouble for both a manager and the company. Moreover, email threads often contain information that companies want to retain as private. However, people frequently forget the contents of the earliest emails within long threads and end up forwarding latter emails to clients, who can view the entire threads, including the confidential information.

The right email security systems can produce reports on how often privileged information actually leaves a company via email. These statistics inform managers and executives how well their policies work and whether or not they need to make further improvements. Without access to this type of information, business leaders can only assume the worst. Initial email analyses are almost always disturbingly negative. Company CEOs who believed their workforces were disciplined and dedicated often discover how much work time people really spend doing things other than their jobs.

Unmonitored email systems are sexual harassment complaints waiting to happen. Many people have very poor judgment when it comes to deciphering what is and what is not appropriate for work. The emails that float around company inboxes are solid proof of that. Joke emails frequently condescend religious beliefs, promote bigotry, and contain explicit sexual innuendos, all of which can be reported by anyone who finds that type of material objectionable. Email monitoring software can help put an end to this practice before it becomes a problem.

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