Email Statistics

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Email management software can provide authorized users at all levels of an organization with a wide variety of email statistics. These numbers provide managers with meaningful data on corporate email activity. Much of the information given to managers would be impossible to obtain without the use of these software programs. The best software creates easy-to-read reports that identify emailing patterns on both a macro and micro level.

Reporting Company Email Statistics

One of the most impressive features of email reporting software is its ability to count the number of messages sent from external email accounts. Some companies have strict policies against the use of Hotmail or Yahoo! Email during the workday. However, these businesses have little or no capabilities to catch offenders or to measure the effectiveness of these policies. With the right software, company leaders can view detailed statistics about the sites from which employees send and receive messages.

Moreover, if two people constantly send messages to one another during their workdays, company officials will know about their habits from email reports. Writing emails is an ideal way to mask the fact that your are socializing rather than working. If you walk around and chitchat all day, people will take notice. However, writing an email makes a person look as though he is working. Statistics on employee conversations inform managers which people abuse company email in this manner.

Some software programs give managers the ability to customize their email reports. For example, someone can search for subject lines that contain various keywords, such as fun or joke. These reports will detail the frequency of various subject lines, and the most detailed reports will even pinpoint the offenders.

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