Email Usage Reports

Written by Gregg Ruais
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If asked about the least favorite aspect of their jobs, many business managers would say disciplining and terminating employees. Nobody enjoys firing people, especially if the workers who deserve to be fired are likable human beings. However, managers have little choice but to fire people for serious offenses against company email policies. The biggest favor any corporate leader can do for his employees is to be honest with them by communicating the rules and clearly explaining how they will be enforced.

Email Usage Reports Can Improve the Work Culture

By making email policies well known, managers can avoid situations that force them to fire people they like. In fact, proper communication can prevent competent workers from getting terminated. For example, if a manager will receive detailed reports on employee email usage, then he should probably show his workers the exact reports he'll be viewing. If the manager will be searching employee emails for offensive keywords, that's something they should know about also. Email software should not be used to trap offenders. Rather, it yields the best results when used as a preventative measure. After all, high turnover hinders productivity.

Employees will have various reactions to email monitoring software. Some people view email tracking as an invasion of their privacy. However, they have to understand that corporate email accounts belong to the companies for which they work. Therefore, privacy laws do not apply. Many companies give managers and supervisors the right to check their employees' inboxes and sent items folders. All businesses allow HR departments to use email archives for investigations.

Some people will actually appreciate stricter email policies. Hard-working individuals often resent the people who misuse company time. When email usage reports become part of a business culture, people focus their attention more on work rather than sending jokes or socializing with friends outside the company. The work environment becomes more professional and focused.

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