Employee Internet Monitors

Written by Gregg Ruais
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While the Internet may be an invaluable informational tool at work, it also serves as the leading distraction. The number of hours the average worker procrastinates by surfing the Web may not be quantifiable. Many employees have made scouring the Internet for entertainment and news a daily ritual.

Some people log onto their personal email accounts immediately after sitting at their work desks. After reading and responding to emails, they think, "Why not log onto ESPN's website? It'll only take a few minutes to check the scores from last night's games," and if they happen to encounter intriguing articles, what harm could it do to read them? They'll complete their work on time, just like they did yesterday, and the day before, and dozens of workdays before that. If they couldn't handle their workloads and spend time on the Internet during the day, their bosses would have fired them by now.

End Procrastination by Monitoring Internet Use

Regardless of whether or not people complete their work, how much more could they accomplish without procrastinating? While some people abuse the Web at work, others are diligently completing their daily tasks, for they've read articles in various publications detailing how thousands of people lose their jobs each year due to spending too much time on the Internet. The people who do not procrastinate are clearly accomplishing more work than others.

There are two major reasons offenders do not get caught. One factor is that some bosses do not realize how long it takes people to finish their work. If someone always hands in a report at 12 PM, and if that report is the first thing someone is responsible for each day, it's reasonable to assume that the report takes three hours to complete. What if that report really only takes one hour to finish, and the person just spends the other two hours socializing and shopping on the Internet? Some people will do as little work as possible without getting in trouble.

The second reason internet abusers get away with squandering company time and resources is that most managers do not have efficient methods of catching people. With internet monitoring software, managers can reduce the time their employees spend procrastinating, thereby making them more efficient and productive. No one will be happier about this than the people who have been carrying the load while others have been playing games on the Internet.

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