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Written by Gregg Ruais
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During the course of a business's lifetime, company leaders will have to find emails in response to litigation. The law affects nearly all areas of business, from hiring to operations to billing customers. It's inevitable that at some point, someone will challenge the legality of the way some companies conduct business. Whether or not the people in the business are innocent or guilty, they will have to gather evidence in order to defend themselves.

Businesspeople communicate through email so frequently that almost every major decision gets sent through a company's email server at some point in time. By finding past company emails, you can actually trace the implementation of policies from infancy through execution. When executives hold meetings, administrative assistants often take minutes and send those notes via email to all meeting attendees. After initial discussions, people email one another to discuss problems and progress. Finally, after a process has been executed, people mention the results in emails.

Finding Company Email for Legal Defense

All businesses must adhere to legal hiring practices. When someone believes he has been overlooked for a job because of his race, religion, or any other illegal denominator, he can actively pursue litigation. In order to protect themselves from lawsuits and defamation, companies must keep accurate documentation on all applicants and interviews. Businesses must hire people based on experience and skill sets. Archived emails can be used as one source of proof that companies treated all applicants fairly and legally.

Archived emails may include the reasons why certain job candidates were chosen over others. Emails make great evidence, because they are immutable and contain time records. If a manager writes in an email that an applicant lacks the right technical skills for the job ten minutes after the interview, a record of that email can prove that the person's skills were the deciding factor.

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