Human Resources And Email

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The right email tracing and archiving software can work wonders for human resources efficiency. HR plays the central role in all staffing functions. At many companies, only HR can hire or terminate a worker's employment. Before ending an employee's work assignment, HR departments make sure that proper documentation accompanies the firing decision and that all company procedures have been followed.

Moreover, many companies require adequate communication from a boss to a subordinate before disciplinary action is taken. These policies protect people from indiscriminate termination. If someone has been showing up late too often, the manager must document the lateness and provide proof that the employee has been spoken to about the issue.

Human Resources and Email Documentation

An email that says, "As per our conversation earlier today, please remember that it is essential that you are at your desk and ready to work by nine AM," can be used as documentation. A manager who can show this message to HR has clearly communicated to his employee that lateness has become a problem. If the employee denies this email was sent to him, HR can always check the company email archives for confirmation.

Large companies have guidelines on how to handle certain situations. Sexual harassment complaints are usually confirmed only after diligent investigation. In a harassment case, emails can possibly serve as proof that harassment occurred. For example, if a woman claims that a man has continually asked her out via email and that she's repeatedly asked him to stop sending emails, HR will use email archives to either confirm or disprove the woman's claims. This can a tedious task, but email management software can make searching for past messages as simple as finding information through a search engine.

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