Tracing Company Email

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People in the healthcare industry have to worry about staying in compliance with HIPAA regulations, a set of federal laws that protect patient privacy. All information people share with their doctors is supposed to be kept confidential. However, doctors do have to relay pertinent information to nurses and occasionally family members. All patients have the right to specify which people their doctors can speak to about their health.

Tracing Emails in the Health Care Sector

In order to ensure that privacy requests are upheld, many healthcare companies find it beneficial to have the ability to trace company emails. Email monitoring makes it possible to train employees on security and privacy issues, address noncompliance immediately after someone violates policy, and show external auditors that the company is serious about maintaining patient privacy. Without tracking capabilities, company leaders can only hope that employees are adhering to regulations.

One of the most common mistakes health care professional make is sending health information to people's employers. The majority of people would prefer to keep their health information private. Moreover, employers should never make hiring or termination decisions based on applicant health. The best way the avoid that from happening is if they don't know about any problems, the most favorable scenario for any patient.

When health care providers violate patient privacy rights, patients have the right to file complaints. Complaints can hurt health care companies in a number of ways. If many people take issue with the way a provider conducts business, the problem may become public. Moreover, serious offenses can result in civil law suits. Accordingly, health care companies must do everything possible to prevent information leaks, and emailing tracing is major step towards that goal.

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