Anti-spam Email Software

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Anti-spam email software can turn an overloaded email account into a personal mail box that is used for all your messaging needs. Most of us that have computers at home also have one kind of free email account that is usually deluged with junk email. It is discouraging to open your inbox to find 100 new messages in your inbox with more than half of them are classified as junk mail.

Minimize the Clutter

While I'd like to think I am important enough to receive that many personal messages but the truth is that most email accounts are filled with spam messages. Messages can range from growth hormone ads to pornographic website links to discount sale sites but usually are not anything we are looking for. Using anti-spam email software can filter out the emails that are unsolicited and make your inbox more manageable.

If you have worked at more than one company then you probably know that each email filter has different settings to accept or reject incoming mail. The last place I worked had a lax filter that would allow various attachments and spam email into my work inbox. This may provide some entertainment at work but can also cause some embarrassment if the wrong message happens to be opened while a coworker is standing by.

Anti-Spam Email Software Can Prevent Virus Attacks

As good as a spam filter can be for preventing junk email from reaching an inbox, it can also intercept dangerous viruses that are sent as attachments. Having a filter that can scan messages as well as attached files can protect your computer and could save hundreds of dollars in service expenses or new hardware purchases. The cost of anti-spam software is minimal, especially when compared to the high price of a new hard drive or new desktop applications.

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