Best Email Spam Protection

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The best email spam protection depends on what type of operating system or server the client is using as well as the number of email messages received. There are some excellent spam filters available for personal inboxes but those same programs may not work well for larger companies. Finding the best spam protection will depend on technical prowess, budget and the capabilities desired.

Differing Opinions

While each company that offers spam protection will have different thoughts on how each filter is rated, traditionally spam protection incorporates many different software codes. One code that is the foundation for many email filters is SpamAssassin because of its reputation as well as the services it provides. In choosing an email filter for a company or for home use, it is imperative to investigate the product fully as critics will have varying thoughts about each product.

Using the Bayesian filtering program as well as other custom features is critical to spam filtering software. The combination of many different features will allow the user the opportunity to customize the software and have it working as efficiently as possible. Because SpamAssassin has such a great track record of filtering spam and a low false positive hit rate, finding software with this code should provide the user with the best email spam protection available.

Components of the Best Email Spam Protection

Knowing what SpamAssassin will do for email filtering software is not critical but knowing how the product can be customized and used is essential. One feature that is especially nice is a white list, which will allow the client to add all contacts to a safe list that will prevent those senders from being filtered out. There are hundreds of different features to choose from and every vendor offers a different variation of the product. Evaluate your needs before selecting the solution that is right for you.

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