Block Junk Mail

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Block junk mail from an inbox to reduce time spent reading through emails and save computer disk space. Junk email is a large problem at any company because of the resources that can be required to monitor incoming emails. This is also a problem for any individual with a home computer as most personal PCs only have email filters that are included with their email program.

Added Filtering

If you are working from home and use Hotmail, Yahoo mail or any other large mail server then you are aware of the junk email filters they have. While you will see a steady increase in the number of messages moved to a junk folder you will also see that there are messages that make it to your inbox and take up some of your allocated space. To reduce messages and increase the number of personal email messages you can purchase additional email filters

Cheaply Block Junk Mail

In most cases the new email filter will easily integrate with your current mail server and block out even more spam messages. These products are relatively affordable and can be installed and customized in minutes. For as little as $30 you can buy email filtering software that can save you up to 20 minutes each day that is spent sorting through junk email.

You may not realize just how much time you spend moving junk email until you have a filter that will block junk mail better than your built in software. Instead of reading through the message and moving or deleting it you can simply scan the junk email folder to see if the software is working properly. There may be cases of false positives, personal email that is marked as junk, but that result is far outweighed by the software's ability to filter out junk mail.

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