Email Filter Security

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Email filter security is an add-on feature that serves as a supplement to your existing email program. While anti-virus protection will help deter viruses from getting into your mail box, it will not stop the incessant spam messages that plague your inbox each day. At times spam can be as harmful as a virus.

I once opened my inbox first thing in the morning to a mailbox full of messages. While this isn't unheard of, many of the subject lines were clearly not work-related. As I quickly tried to sift through them to pick out all the relevant content, a colleague of mine walked by my desk. As she stood there my cursor stopped on a pornographic offer that had made its way into my inbox.

A Source of Embarrassment

Now while we joked about how lax our office spam filter was, I was still mortified at the fact that she may think I was a subscriber of such a list. Surely I had never signed up for such email, so how did these people manage to add my address to this list? Unfortunately, given the technology era we live in, tracking down email addresses is as simple as finding a phone number in the yellow pages.

How Effective is Email Filter Security?

Your office email filter security program is probably not getting the job done. I've even requested a white list of people be sent to the IT department. These are the recipients that I commonly receive email from. All others were tagged as unwanted spam. Unfortunately, in measures this drastic you're likely to miss some critical emails coming in from unexpected recipients. The situation is problematic, but luckily many developers are working on content-based filters and are yielding much higher success rates.

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