Email Filter Software

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Email filter software can reduce the amount of time spent sorting through new email messages as well as protect the computer from possible viruses or attacks. Most companies now have email filters working at the server level that block unsolicited or profane email from reaching an employee's inbox. While protecting a home PC will require different software, it is possible to have similar software on any home computer.

High Costs of Spam

Junk email, or spam, is a growing problem because of the disruption it causes in the workplace as well as the costs incurred with each mail delivery. Although the actual costs cannot be measured, a service provider can experience large costs to store and transmit the email as well as suffer downtime because of the large quantity of messages that it must process. A large internet service provider estimated that on a given day over 30% of the email messages was unsolicited junk mail.

While you as the internet user will not see the detail behind cost increases, you can be sure that your service provider is passing along the costs associated with junk email. Unfortunately while you cannot control the amount of spam sent you can control how much junk mail makes it to your inbox. By using email filter software you will be able to track and identify spam senders and not waste time sorting through all those messages.

Email Filter Software to Increase Security

As convenient as the internet is there are definite threats to home as well as work computers that working online can cause. Although there are some viruses that escape detection, having a filter on your email inbox can greatly reduce the chances of you receiving any message containing a virus. Using a filter in conjunction with other virus software can protect a home computer and potentially save hundreds of dollars that would be spent on new computer parts.

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