Email Spam Blocker

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Defend Yourself with Email Spam Blocker

Email spam blocker is a must-have add on to your existing PC programs. Computer hackers are getting more intelligent. As new viruses strike the computer world, patches and solutions are created. With each new solution, a bigger, more dangerous virus is created. The competition among hackers is fierce.

Is your computer protected from current and future viruses? Part of the spam you may receive may only be promotions or advertisements. While these are burdensome to your inbox, they may not have any harmful effects on your PC. Unfortunately, many forms of spam are infected with unknown viruses.

When You Can't Depend on the IT Guy

At work, you need only call the department IT guy. He or she can quarantine your machine and eliminate any potential threats. Do you have this same customer service at home? If not, you should invest in an email spam blocker.

Successful blockers such as a Bayesian filter manage to deter more 99% of spam email. Additionally, false positives (or identifying a true email as spam) are almost entirely eliminated. This filter was created using a statistical formula that measures the weight of certain words within the body of the email, making this system foolproof.

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