Email Spam Filter

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Email spam filter can drastically reduce the size of email storage and save a lot of time because it will remove unwanted email. Even if you only spend a couple of minutes per day sorting through junk email then you are aware of how annoying the problem really is. Being removed from one email list may stop messages from some senders but it can also add you to other lists creating a new problem.

A Smart Email Spam Filter

As more and more junk email products become available, spam senders have gotten smarter about how they send messages. To fight email that is distributed to a blind recipient list or that includes an unidentifiable subject, filters need to be able to decide which emails are needed and which are junk. Better technology has been used to enable filters to learn which mail is spam from the sender, subject or distribution list.

Just because an email filter is installed does not mean that an email account will not receive spam. The program will perform most of the work but it is up to the user to add senders to the junk email list or to remove valid emails from a junk email folder. Working through emails may take time at first but it can save hours in the long run and also free up needed space for memory.

Spam Growth

The number of personal email accounts continues to grow and if you are like me then you almost shudder at the thought of opening up your email because you know there will be more junk email than relevant messages. Because sending email is such an inexpensive medium, marketing companies will continue to send email despite the fact that they receive such poor feedback. We may never be able to stop spam from being sent but using an email spam filter in conjunction with your email program will definitely reduce the number of junk messages in your inbox.

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