Eudora Spam Blocker

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Setting Up a Junk Folder

A Eudora spam blocker can filter out junk emails based on your preferences. If you receive a daily email about weight loss, you can set up a rule that tells the email client to put all future emails from this domain name into a junk folder. While this may alleviate the problem at first, you're bound to see an increasing number of emails be sent to storage in your junk folder.

For those of you working on a minimal amount of storage space, you could be missing out on important work-related emails due to the lack of storage you have on your PC. To avoid these problems altogether, consider investing in a separate anti-spam solution. Many of the applications available on the market today can be downloaded easily from the internet.

How Do I Get a Eudora Spam Blocker?

For a minimal fee charged directly to your credit card, you can instantly download a Eudora spam blocker. Immediately you will see the drastic changes take place within your inbox. Automatic sorting and purging of junk mail will free up hard drive space which was previously overrun with spam.

To start searching for an anti-spam solution, click on the link above. Regardless of what email client you are currently running, these applications can eliminate the hassle and frustration brought on by unwanted mail. These alternatives are compatible with Eudora, MS Outlook, Lotus and most POP email clients.

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