Eudora Spam Filters

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Eudora spam filters are an added functionality to your current Eudora 6.1 email client. When you purchase the Eudora email software, it will not automatically filter out spam. So you may notice that an abundance of unnecessary junk emails are making their way into your inbox.

Why Choose Bayesian?

While Eudora offers some of their own filtering systems, you may have better luck with a Bayesian spam filter. By using the standard filter that can be purchased with your Eudora package, all email messages tagged as "junk mail" will be filtered into a junk folder. You'll still need to clean this folder out once in a while to keep memory usage and storage to a minimum.

With third-party solutions, the junk email will never reach your inbox. You'll never have to worry about cleaning out your folders to minimize space. These alternatives are more productive than Eudora spam filters.

Before You Invest in Eudora Spam Filters

Most anti-spam products can run on top of your existing email client. So just because you run Eudora or MS Outlook, you need not invest in software packages by the same manufacturer. Spam alternatives will cost you less money and usually be more effective.

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