Junk Email Filter

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A junk email filter that successfully removes any unwanted email before you log in to your inbox is probably one which uses content based filtering. For a long time developers tried to figure out a way to recognize spam using other criteria such as the sender or the IP address from where the email originated. While these filters may have been partly successfully in redirecting spam, at times many legitimate emails were blocked unnecessarily.

What Is a False Positive?

These mistakes are known as false positives. This means the email was falsely tagged as being spam when in reality it may have been a well-needed email from your CEO. To avoid these discrepancies, more enhancements were made to spam filters.

Today, the most effective junk email filter analyzes the content within each mail. Each word contained in an email is scoured for key words which may tell the filter that it is spam. Common red flags come from words like sex, pill, or weight loss.

Why You Need a Junk Email Filter

Unfortunately, marketers have figured out that email is the cheapest way to gain new customers. Instead of paying postage, printing or fulfillment costs, a company can blast an email out to thousands of prospects. If these mails were sent on an "opt-in" basis this would not be a problem. However many email users are added to mailing lists which they never signed up for.

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