Outlook Email Filter

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Virus Protection Won't Stop Spam

An Outlook email filter can be added to your current software applications. If you've purchased a computer and the associated Microsoft software, you may still be experiencing an abundance of junk email. Virus protection software will not prevent unwanted advertisements from reaching your inbox.

One of the greatest misconceptions about Microsoft products is many users feel if they are running windows on their machine, than all the software installed must hold the Microsoft name. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not packaged an anti-spam Outlook email filter within their software. For this reason, millions of Outlook users spend more than 30 minutes each day sifting through junk email.

Find an Outlook Email Filter

Attracting junk email is not an acceptable part of being a frequent email user. Those unwanted ads have no right to nest themselves in your inbox. Unless you've chosen to be on a list, also known as opt-in mailing lists, you should never receive those messages. What is Microsoft doing to alleviate this problem?

Blocking junk mail is the responsibility of the end user. If you're tired of reading advertisements and illegitimate business propositions, take matters into your own hands. By downloading an email filter on top of your Outlook system, you can prevent these messages from ever reaching you.

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