Outlook Express Alternative

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Outlook Express alternative is important to find as Microsoft has announced that the product will soon be discontinued. The company has decided to shift resources to their online websites and free internet email instead of working on upgrades and patches for the express product. Although current users will be able to continue to use the older versions it is recommended that any using the software look for an alternative for use in the future.

Microsoft's web based email product has both advantages and disadvantages associated with its use. Outlook Express is rather easy to navigate around in if the user is familiar with other Microsoft products and can be accessed from anywhere a browser can be. However, it is also known as a large carrier of viruses as it is more difficult to scan and filter messages transmitted through this program.

Available Outlook Express Alternative

If a decision has been made to migrate from Outlook Express or just to install a new email program, there are a number of options for the consumer. Some popular products such as Eudora or Pegasus and others offer powerful email software that can be customized to fit individual needs. Alternate email software can also provide additional filtering capabilities that are not available with the Microsoft product.

Increased Spam and Virus Protection

Using an Outlook Express alternative could prevent harmful viruses from infecting a computer and also greatly reduce the amount of junk mail received. Most of the email software on the market has built-in spam filters and blockers that can be enhanced with add-on products to prevent your inbox from filling up with junk messages. There is even one email client that searches through attachments for viruses, something normally reserved for virus software only.

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