Outlook Express Spam Filter

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Outlook Express spam filter is specialized to work hand in hand with the Outlook Express application that is already in use on your work or home computer. These filters have special features that are unique and that can handle large amounts of junk mail sent from various senders. Depending on how the program is installed and customized you can determine the level of email blocking you have.

The best filters on the market today use Bayesian probability filtering which drastically reduces the chances that spam will reach its intended recipient. An Outlook Express spam filter should also have the capability to be updated in order to add more rules to the filtering process as better blocking techniques are developed. Another popular feature is the ability to send a secure message back to the sender stating that your email address is invalid which will protect against future junk email.

Quick Installation and Use

Because these filters are designed specifically to work with the Outlook Express program, the time it takes to install and begin filtering emails may amaze you. Some filters will immediately ask for your help in setting up a safe senders list which can scan messages currently in your inbox and other folders and add those senders to the list. After a few setup steps are taken you will not have to worry about the filter again and will grow accustomed to only seeing personal emails.

Choosing an Outlook Express Spam Filter

There are numerous filters out there that are compatible with Outlook Express and selecting just one is no easy task. Price, features and number of email accounts served should all be considered when deciding on the best one for you. Read reviews of similar products or compare like filters to see what options they have in common and what features would be most important to you.

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