Outlook Spam Blockers

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Eliminate Spam

Outlook spam blockers serve as an excellent software package to block or filter out unsolicited messages from your work or personal email account. The number of junk email messages sent and received each day is in the millions and though you may think you receive a large portion of those, you should consider yourself lucky if you have an email filter installed. Spam blockers scan email messages looking for certain phrases or keywords, tag the messages as spam and take the necessary actions.

Filters can be set up to completely block junk email, filter it and deliver to the recipient or bounce the message back to the sender. The most effective of these is bouncing the email back because that will let the sender know that the email address is either invalid or protected by junk email blockers. This will also eliminate the need to continually block email from a certain sender and allow the filter to focus on other areas.

Outlook Spam Blockers for Personal Email

Any of us that have personal email accounts with a filter know that our junk email box may sometimes have more new messages that our inbox. As frustrating as that may seem it is nice knowing that the filters we have installed are doing their job. If you are using Outlook spam blockers then you also realize how user friendly the software is and how it allows you to make modifications quickly.

As helpful as email filters can be, there could be some problems with certain filters that work with other programs. If you ever change your email server or have application errors then the filter could become corrupt or lose any customized features. Although it is extremely helpful when a filter is compatible with the email application, it is wise to find an email filter that can work on multiple platforms and is not dependent on other applications.

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