Pop Spam Filter

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Protect All Your Email Accounts

A POP spam filter can eliminate the junk emails you receive to your web-based accounts. Though most of us have email addresses through work, many companies prohibit the sending or receiving of personal email through your work account. For this reason, you likely have one or two additional accounts that you retrieve email from.

Just as your work account attracts endless forms of junk mail, so do your POP accounts. You can utilize a POP spam filter to sift through all of your incoming mails. Some software programs require that unauthorized senders be pre-approved by you before their emails can be read.

How a POP Spam Filter Works

Any unauthorized messages will be returned to the sender until you approve the incoming messages. While this is a hassle, it will block unwanted mail from reaching your mail box. Other functionality in these filters include white and black lists; the ability to block messages from certain senders, or permit the passage of any emails coming from pre-designated addresses.

Since most POP accounts have a limited amount of storage space eliminating incoming spam messages is crucial. With less than one megabyte of space, you are very limited to receiving and storing emails on your POP account. The last thing you need is junk mail that monopolizes all of your storage space.

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