Smart Email Filter

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Smart email filter will not only scan incoming messages to determine if it is junk email but the software can also learn which messages should be classified as junk based on the user's history. Perhaps you are aware of search engines that are considered smart because of the way they store information and then retrieve it. That same technology has been applied to email filters and can lessen the hassle of dealing with junk email.

Hard to Fool

The first spam filters that were made available did a good job of catching obvious junk email but had a harder time identifying messages that could contain relevant text but had embedded pictures or links. Spam senders realized this and began to change how they sent messages, often with a normal subject line and strings of valid text followed by an ad or a website address. A smart email filter should be able to pick out these messages by looking at the actual content of the message, the sender and other factors that help make a decision.

Although the technology behind filters has come a long way, it is hard to imagine a software program that can actually learn from the user and make changes to how it operates. This is starting to become a reality, as the moment you mark an email as spam the program will note that and mark future messages the same way. This can cut down on the time it takes to view email or download messages to an inbox.

Working With A Smart Email Filter

Truth be told, there is not much more that needs to be done to a filter after it has been installed. The filter should catch at least 90% of junk email messages and move them to a folder or block them entirely. What can make the software work better is if specialized rules and senders lists are added to the software.

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