Spam Filtering

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Paul Graham and the Bayesian Filter

Spam filtering has been studied for years now. One of the most successful developers of this project is Paul Graham. He has been working with the Bayesian filtering technique and has had great success. Today the average Bayesian filter keeps 99% of spam from reaching a consumer's inbox.

A few years ago the process of deflecting spam was difficult. With each new filter created, hackers and marketers got even smarter, thinking of ways to bypass the filter. Finally, study ensued on content-based spam filtering. Now instead of trying to determine whether a message is spam by the sender or originating IP address, the content of each email is scoured and ranked according to its probability of being spam.

Adding Spam Filtering to Your Email Client

While most email clients have some basic filtering functionality, for the most part those unwanted messages still find their way into your inbox. An email application focuses on sending and receiving mail; it will not protect your computer from junk mail or viruses. For these problems you need additional software.

There are dozens of spam filters that you can find on the web. For a nominal fee, you can apply these filters over your current email program. Whether you are using Outlook, Eudora or Lotus Notes for your email client, these filters will integrate naturally and protect your PC from junk email.

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