Anti-spy Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the most effective methods for protecting your business or private files is through modern anti-spy software. Most anti-spy software programs are designed to perform highly specialized functions with complete protection, guarding sensitive information from anyone who may be watching. Some can also perform other business network functions, such as network organization and remote control functions.

The two main kinds of anti-spy programs available are those that are designed for business use, and those for home use. Programs for home use are often dense with features that protect users from both illicit access and unsolicited materials. Some such programs work by placing your sensitive data into invisible hard drive partitions that cannot be seen without a secret, unique access code (called a private key).

Anti-Spy Software for Business Use

Some business anti-spy software also uses private key techniques. Business software that protects the files of a single user or a small group of users (such as administrators or executives) places the sensitive data under the protection of an asymmetric encryption key algorithm. The algorithm can only be opened (or solved) with the unique code hardwired into a cryptographic key (which in many current programs, takes the form of a small USB hard drive).

Other business anti-spy software provides functions that protect entire business networks. For example, some programs provide Internet and network filtering as well as organize those networks into user hierarchies that determine user access, which protects information from internal spying as well as external. Email filtering programs are also available, protecting networks from email-borne viruses and spam as well as monitoring company communications with outside servers.

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