Best Anti Spam Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The best anti spam software may be found in powerful email management tools. In many cases, such programs are designed to feature enhanced security against all types of email intrusions, not just spam. They are built to protect computers from viruses, Trojan horses and damaged attachments, as well as unsolicited email or mail with questionable content.

One of the key features of the best anti spam software is the ability to thoroughly process incoming attachments and deem them "safe" or "unsafe." Many current programs are able to examine the contents of not only the body text of emails, but attachments and zipped attachments as well. The best anti spam software will often create a secure location on the user's hard drive to quarantine unsafe files and files that cannot be scanned and processed normally.

Users can also customize the program to remove all of the bells and whistles that may be found on many spam emails or advertising emails, such as special html code, bandwidth-hungry media files or images. Many programs allow users to specify if such files should be stripped down to be delivered as text messages, quarantined, or deleted altogether. Other large messages can be delayed until they can be delivered without using too much precious bandwidth.

Business Integration of the Best Anti Spam Software

Most mail programs and anti spam software can be easily implemented into existing company or home networks. Many use familiar interfaces and can sync with server protocols such as Lotus, Exchange, or other SMTP-based protocols. In some cases, mail protection programs can be integrated with and fully controlled by enterprise management software, giving business network administrators complete control over both incoming and outgoing network communications.

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