Byteback Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Byteback software is a forensic software tool that can repair and rebuild damaged hard drives or other media storage volumes. Among other features, it includes the ability to clone disk data or save it as an image file. Along with repairing data, Byteback software can also quickly overwriting entire storage volumes.

Certain types of volumes, particularly NTFS and FAT volumes, respond well to Byteback software's attempts to recover deleted files of files that are stored in slack space on the hard disk. NTFS volumes are those volumes that are formatted to common PC operating systems such as Windows NT, XP, and other like systems. FAT volumes are usually older volumes that were formatted for use with MS-DOS and similar operating systems.

Support for these volume types is strong in Byteback software. Users can not only rebuild most volumes with minimal loss of data, but they can also rebuild Boot Records automatically restore partition data as well. Once repairs are complete, users can use Byteback to communicate directly with the drive, manipulating the drive's data with the programs powerful tools.

Forensic Work with Byteback Software

Byteback is commonly used in forensic investigations and by computer technicians to restore lost data. By using Byteback with other forensic tools, investigators can quickly and effectively scan old volumes to search for pertinent information. Cloning the device can enable technicians to perform potentially damaging operations on fragile drives with no danger to the original device.

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