Computer Activity Monitoring

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Contemporary computer activity monitoring software is widely available with two different focuses: business use and home use. There are some features that are shared among the different programs, but the customized aspects of each are what make them valuable to each application. Generally speaking, there are many more options for business use computer activity monitoring programs, and they include more varied features than products for home use.

Business or commercial software for computer activity monitoring is also called enterprise manager software. It is constructed to allow administrative personnel to have complete access to the network that they control. This includes both program monitoring functions and remote control features.

Logging and tracking functions generally occur in real-time, giving administrators up-to-the-minute information on what is happening in their network. In most cases, the information tracked during computer activity monitoring is logged and organized by computer identity, user name, and date/time. Administrators can also specify whether or not to receive screen captures, keystroke logs, or other usage logs.

Remote Control Functionality in Computer Activity Monitoring

Administrators can also remotely take control of computers with most modern monitoring software. They can determine which users have access to the network and define access levels, as well as provide user support and remote configuration. Many versions of current monitoring software also include tools to help administrators audit and produce reports on terminal activity and software usage.

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