Computer Monitoring Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many offices and schools across the country use computer monitoring software to keep detailed logs of all computer activity. Current software has developed from simple beginnings to provide users with many monitoring options and even real-time control functions. Many programs are built with specific features in mind for either business or home use.

Most computer monitoring software programs use client/server architecture to connect to entire networks of computers. They allow the administrator access to those computers, as well as display real-time data regarding current activity. Information from the remote computers is logged on the administrator's hard drive and is generally cataloged by date and user name/ computer ID.

Other features that are offered in many computer monitoring software programs include controlling user access to server information, including files, documents, and applications. Likewise, administrators can add or subtract computers from recording lists. They can also take remote control of computers, logging specific workstations offline or even shutting them down completely.

Home Computer Monitoring Software

Many programs for home use include functions designed to track and record Internet usage, such as URL, keystroke, and chat recording functions. Many can also take screenshots of the remote terminals, and may even be viewable as a slideshow. Many computer monitoring programs can be both installed and installed remotely.

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