Computer Monitoring Spy Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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With the maturation of the Internet, computer monitoring spy software and other similar programs have become nearly ubiquitous in PCs, especially in windows-based units. Spyware, as it is sometimes called, refers to a subset of malware, or programs that (in a general sense) execute a function without the user's knowledge. However, there are some computer monitoring spy software programs are not strictly malware, as they are installed and operated with the knowledge of the user.

The most common type of non-malware spy software is monitoring software that is designed for business use. This activity monitoring software gives administrators and other network maintenance personnel data pertaining to and control over their business networks. In many cases, this includes data such as URLs visited, keystrokes, and in some cases, screen captures.

Using Computer Monitoring Spy Software for Business

This kind of computer monitoring spy software is convenient for a number of reasons. It allows administrators to maintain their network of computers from a single location, including the installation of new drivers or software updates, and remote configuration of preferences and presets. It also allows them to control user access levels for the network, including server file, document, and application access controls.

Monitoring software is also available for small business and home use. Such software is generally geared toward monitoring Internet content, and can track and record URLs, email keystrokes, and even produce chat logs. In many cases, the program can also email detailed reports to a specified address upon startup or shut down.

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