Computer Network Monitoring

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Over the last 15 or 20 years, there has been a boom in computer network monitoring programs. As the Internet has grown to become a necessary part of businesses, dangers to the stability of company networks have increased proportionately. Network administrators can use computer network monitoring software to protect their networks against unsolicited visits and tampering, and also perform a variety of maintenance and upgrading procedures.

Possibly the most common workplace environment for computer network monitoring software is the business workplace. Business administrators are commonly responsible for tens to hundreds of workstations; with the appropriate monitoring and control software, they can control them all from a single location. They can perform configuration processes as well as software updates and other maintenance operations simply and straightforwardly.

Other network functions, such as creating and editing user access control lists, are also included in most computer network monitoring programs. Administrators can control user access to server-based files, documents, and applications, and create hierarchies and user categories based on rank or function. They can also take control of computers remotely, and log off or shut down computers as needed.

Private Computer Network Monitoring Programs

Other network monitoring programs are geared towards school and private use. They commonly include more functions to monitor Internet use, such as tracking and logging URLs, email content, and even the content of chat programs. Many programs can be configured to automatically email detailed reports and screen shots to any specified email addresses.

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