Detective Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Detective software is commonly part of a complete forensic software suite. Along with some kind of disk restoration software, detective software allows users to perform in-depth explorations and analyses of disk drives and data storage volumes. Some companies will even offer forensic software training along with forensic programs to give clients all of the tools they need to perform even complex operations.

Most kinds of detective software are primarily designed for searching personal computers and hard drives for sensitive information. It searches files, folders, and documents for strings of keyphrases and can present the user a list of all relevant documents. By automatically placing the search string in context, users can eliminate most irrelevant hits, and then preview the files with detective software's tools (including slide show tools).

Many versions of detective software can be run without installation. This means that they can be run from physical proximity, via a floppy disc or CD drive, or remotely via network. Some can also be run in batch mode, scanning multiple computers at once for the pre-specified search strings.

Detective Software Companion Programs

One companion program to detective software is Byteback software. This program can clone whole or partial discs and store them in a secure location for reparation operations or data analysis. When used with detective programs, drive reconstruction programs such as Byteback can aid users in finding information in even the most damaged or cleaned hard drive.

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