Email Encryption Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Email encryption software uses standard cryptographic key technology to encrypt you emails and protect the content from possible theft or hacking. Similar to other forms of document encryption, email encryption software uses one of two kinds of encryption algorithms: symmetric key algorithms or asymmetric key algorithms. There are both software programs for encrypting emails and web-based programs.

Encryption Methods for Email Encryption Software

Each type of encryption algorithm has its advantages and disadvantages. The stronger of the two kinds of encryption is asymmetric key. Asymmetric key uses a dual-key system to insure that even is the encoding key is discovered, the decoding key is still safe. The decoding key is unique, and some programs use some sort of physically removable device, such as a USB hard drive, to carry the decryption key.

Symmetric key encoding for email encryption software is slightly simpler. It only uses one key for both encrypting and decrypting, making it quicker as well. However, stronger key management techniques are required in many cases, since there is a greater chance that the key may be discovered.

Many programs use a combination of both techniques. They encrypt the body of the data with a symmetric key, but encrypt the key itself with an asymmetric key. Only the designated recipient has access to the decryption keys.

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