Employee Computer Monitoring

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Employee computer monitoring is widely used by businesses across the country. It allows network administrators to control and maintain large networks of computers that are constantly transmitting data across the corporate intranet or the Internet. While computer monitoring software is also available for home or school use, employee computer monitoring programs are geared towards large network control as well as individual workstation monitoring.

Monitoring software commonly includes functions for tracking both online and offline use. In general, this includes keystroke logs, application use, and more Internet-specific functions such as chat logs and URL histories. Most programs store the data invisibly, and independently of user preferences or configurations.

Protection Through Employee Computer Monitoring

Employee computer monitoring software can also protect employers from possible information theft or internal hacking. Many programs give administrators control over individual workstations, and can submit reports detailing unauthorized file installation or game playing as well as allow them to group users into access levels and control the server content accessible to each level of users.

Computer monitoring software is also useful for training employees and keeping an eye on those employees in probationary periods. Most monitoring software allows administrators to remotely configure workstations and remotely demonstrate operational methods. They can also run audits and generate other detailed reports on computer and application use.

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