Enterprise Antispy

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Enterprise AntiSpy is a single module in a suite of management software designed for modern businesses of any size. The primary function of Enterprise AntiSpy software is to detect and eliminate malware, which is unsolicited software that infects many business computers. Malware is responsible for millions of dollars in security breaches every year for American businesses.

Malware and Spyware are often unintentionally downloaded during normal business communication procedures such as email messaging, Internet use, or other information exchange. Without Enterprise AntiSpy or a similar kind of protection program, malware can quickly infect an entire business network, capturing keystrokes, login information, or other sensitive data and relaying it back to an unauthorized computer. Spyware can also inhibit business productivity by using CPU cycles and RAM, slowing down business programs and wasting employees' time.

Using Enterprise AntiSpy with Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager is a software suite that includes, along with AntiSpy, a number of specialized tools for businesses to simplify network administration processes. Some of the software modules can directly increase productivity--for example, the Remote Control module allows a network administrator to initiate procedures such as file installations or upgrades on multiple computers simultaneously. Enterprise Manager also allows administrators to set user hierarchies and passwords, separating user groups into access levels to protect sensitive corporate information.

Other software modules, such as Enterprise AntiSpy, have network protection functions. Another protective module that can be used with Enterprise Manager is Surfwall, which is an Internet filtering module that can synchronize Internet access controls across an entire organization. Both protection programs limit the type and amount of information that enters the business network, filtering unsolicited and harmful data packets out of the incoming stream of information.

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