Enterprise Manager Surfwall

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Enterprise Manager Surfwall is a program that, in broad terms, helps network administrators regulate office Internet use. Surfwall can also be used at home to help parents initiate strong adult content filtering. When used with Mailwall, Enterprise Manager Surfwall software can provide a strong shield against any Internet-borne threats to the security of your network.

Enterprise Manager Surfwall works from a list of keywords and phrases that categorize Internet sites into lists of acceptable and unacceptable content. Unacceptable content, such as online gambling, adult content, personal chat programs or financial sites, may be fully blocked from accessibility at any terminal on the network. Administrators can use this to both insure the productivity of employees and also protect the company from the possible display of offensive material.

The Compatibility of Enterprise Manager Surfwall

Surfwall is fully controllable from within other Enterprise Manager software. This allows administrators to run all of their network control programs from a single interface, and easily switch between them. They can choose to edit preferences fro one or multiple machines on the network.

Multiple machines can be handled in groups. Individual workstations can be arranged into groups directly from the Enterprise Manager control panel for instant editing. Administrators can also control access levels to sensitive information for those machines as well as controlling what Internet content is deemed "acceptable" for those machines.

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