Instant Remote Control Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many computer monitoring programs now have instant remote control software built in. At any time, administrators or other network maintenance technicians can assume control of entire business networks, or individual computers on those networks. They can take control of the computer's functionality, its programming, and edit configurations and preferences, all remotely, from their workstations.

Instant remote control software is most often used by administrative staff to perform simple network maintenance operations such as program installation and system upgrades. By using client/server architecture to link to every computer in the network, Admins can perform these otherwise tiresome tasks in a matter or minutes. They can also use instant remote control software to temporarily assume control of machines for tutorial purposes, showing users how to execute complex tasks while explaining it to them.

Other Functions of Instant remote Control Software

Most of the programs that include instant remote control software functions also include data tracking and logging functionality. They can record and store complete histories that detail software program use, keystrokes, and even Internet-based chat contents. Many administrators may use this software to protect against data piracy or information theft.

Most monitoring and control software also commonly includes other network functionality, such as tools to create and edit user hierarchies and access levels. These tools are primarily used to manage business computer networks, creating a comprehensive organizational strategy and protecting sensitive information. Many programs allow other administrators access to the networks as well, allowing cooperative efforts to run smoothly and seamlessly.

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