Keystroke Logger

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Keystroke loggers are a subset of computer security and diagnostic tools. They are available in both hardware and software varieties--both of which have advantages as well as disadvantages. In business use, software keystroke loggers are more common, but hardware devices aren't unheard of.

Hardware keystroke loggers usually consist of small attachments that plug directly into the keyboard port. While they are small enough to be unobtrusive, they can be detected by a thorough check. Hidden hardware loggers are also available, but must generally be soldered into the keyboard's circuit board.

Similar to a virus or Trojan horse, many keystroke loggers can be installed into a machine remotely. They are small, and may go undetected, but like other software, are subject to system crashes and instabilities. Keystroke logging viruses can be protected against by running periodic system checks and by employing anti-virus software.

Keystroke Logger Software in Business Applications

Many computer monitoring and remote control applications include keystroke-logging functionality. This is useful for both monitoring employee computer use and as a diagnostic tool. By carefully analyzing a keystroke log, for example, a system administrator may be able to discover the cause of a machine dysfunction.

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