Mailwall Enterprise Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Mailwall enterprise software is part of a suite of protective programs that allow users to fortify their computer's pre-programmed defenses against malware and other viruses. It contains anti-virus software that is specially designed to filter out viruses carried as email attachments or within the content of emails. Many versions can also reduce or eliminate unsolicited messages and spam, as well.

Mailwall enterprise software and other similar programs work by running tight filters on all incoming email communication. They scan both emails with attachments and without attachments, and can often strip away any HTML or other encoding, delivering just the bare text of the message to the user. They will even scan zipped files or other archived files, disassembling them to insure their safety before presenting allowing them to sit on the user's hard drive.

Some software programs of this type also create quarantine areas for any dubious file types. This option, while fully customizable, is programmed to quarantine any file or attachment that cannot be easily scanned. It can also be programmed to quarantine any message based on the attachment's file type, such as .avi, .jpg, or other bandwidth-hungry media formats.

Using Mailwall Enterprise Software at Home

Mailwall enterprise software and companion programs (such as Surfwall) can also be used as adult content filters. This makes them ideal for both home and office use. They can also filter out pre-set phrases and textual content as well, providing users with confidentiality and keeping their identities safe from would- be identity thieves.

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