Network Spyware

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Network spyware is one of the largest threats to modern businesses. Strictly speaking, spyware is a type of computer program that gathers data about computers or users without consent. In practice, though, spyware can be much more disastrous, reducing the speed of business communications, infecting business computers with other software or advertisements, and otherwise disrupting business practices.

The best defense against network spyware for many businesses is some sort of anti-spy software. Strong anti-spy software should be designed to filter out unsolicited emails, cookies, and messages to your network without blocking any data that may inhibit business productivity, such as non-threatening Internet information or business emails. Good anti-spy software should also be designed to easily integrate into a business' day-to-day operations.

Management Software That Battles Network Spyware

Some spyware-battling programs are built into larger business management programs. For example, Enterprise Manager, a program from Omniquad, is a complete business administration tool that features an activity monitor, a remote control module, a network spyware removal program, and a strong Internet filter. Users can easily install and manage the enterprise software for an entire business from a single computer, simultaneously creating a secure computer network and logging user data for any of the computers in that network.

Anti-spy software can also remove any existing spyware or malware from a computer or network. Moreover, some brands of software are automatically updated whenever a protective patch for a new kind of spyware is released. Best of all, most updating and upgrading is done automatically, and requires no intervention or time from the user.

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