Pdf Encryption

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Commercial software that provides document and PDF encryption comes in a few main varieties. Such software differs from larger, more serious encryption software in that it may not be made to provide security over networks of computers. It is more often suited for individual and small business use.

One common type of software for PDF encryption is simple encryption software that protects the contents of a document or file by a password and an encryption algorithm. This type of software is pretty common, and is suitable for most applications. Once encrypted you can manage the file as you would normally, or store it in a secure location or hidden drive.

Many software programs that encrypt data do so by a hybrid cryptographic system, or a system that uses single key symmetric encryption in tandem with more complex asymmetric encryption. Current software often makes use of an external device, such as a USB "key" to store the unique cryptographic key that the asymmetric algorithm requires.

Secure Storage for PDF Encryption

There are also programs for PDF encryption that generate and manage hidden drives or folders on your hard drive to store documents in. Without the proper security (often in the form of a physical attachment), the drive partitions or files are completely inaccessible. This type of software creates secure storage and can help protect against remote as well as physical data hacking attempts.

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