Remote Computer Monitoring Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are two main types of remote computer monitoring software programs that are available on the commercial market. Programs for home and school are developed primarily to monitor Internet content and the content of email messages. Business programs are built for a wider range of purposes, and often include network administration and anti-hacking functions.

Remote computer monitoring software programs for your home generally log the use of one PC in your home from another computer on the same network. Common features include complete URL histories, even if the cache or browser history is cleared. Most can also track keystrokes and can record email and chat window content.

Remote Computer Monitoring Software for Businesses

Monitoring software that is designed for business use often includes functions that allow administrators to perform maintenance on both networks and the individual workstations in those networks. Many use client/server architecture to run every function from a single, easy-to-use interface that details the state of each workstation in the network. Some can also set and control user access levels, organizing the workstations into a company-wide hierarchy and protecting sensitive files and documents on the server.

Along with all of these other functions, remote computer monitoring software is designed to create complete records of business computer use. Some versions of the software can track everything from software use to keystrokes. Many can be set to automatically publish daily reports or perform other audit-type functions.

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