Remote Control Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In many cases, remote control software is bundled with other computer monitoring software. Early versions of such programs were often simple tracking programs such as keystroke loggers, but the complexity of modern files and the Internet necessitates greater capability than many simple trackers offered. As companies built internal networks of computers, it became both useful and necessary for administrative staff to have remote access to network computers.

Remote control software is useful for a variety of reasons. Having access to every machine from a single terminal is convenient for rapid installation and updates of many software products. It also allows administrators to have control over various levels of user access permission, and determine which computers have access to which files, folders, or documents.

Administrators can also provide real-time support for users through remote control software. They can search for files and configure preferences or driver settings, aiding users in tasks that can be time-consuming and difficult to describe. Administrators can also take control of a system's log, and log off or shut down as necessary.

Monitoring Functions in Remote Control Software

Current versions of control software often include features for insuring against possible information theft or unapproved Web usage. Many monitoring programs have the ability to log keystrokes as well as URLs, and may also provide real-time screenshots or other such information. All of this information is organized and filed into detailed logs on the administrator's hard drive or another specified volume.

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