Security Control Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Security control software comes in a variety of types for a range of applications. Common types of programs include computer monitoring software, remote control software, and encryption programs. Many security control software programs focus on with business, home, or school use.

Computer monitoring software is in widespread use in schools and businesses across the country. It allows network administrators access to very workstation in the network, and can track individual workstation use, including visited URLs, keystrokes, and in some cases, the content of chat programs or emails. For schools, this can help teachers and other staff monitor Internet content for each computer, and for businesses, it helps protect against unsolicited contact and possible information theft.

Many monitoring programs also feature remote control options. They allow administrators the option of installing or updating software for an entire network from a single terminal, as well as the ability to perform maintenance and other network functions. For example, administrators can create and control user groups to control user access to server folders, files, or applications.

Security Control Software that Uses Encryption Algorithms

Encryption software is mostly used for transmitting sensitive data across a network that may or may not be secure. Most current encryption-based security control software uses a hybrid key algorithm that uses both a public, shared key and a private, unique decryption key. In some cases, the private key is carried physically by the user in the form of a small digital device such as a USB hard drive.

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