Usb Cryptokey

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The USB cryptokey is a tiny digital device that acts as both a decryption key and a small portable hard drive. It can be carried on a keychain, and is small enough to fit into any personal pocket. The USB cryptokey, like other USB devices, plugs into the standard USB port on your PC or Macintosh, and is automatically connected to the programs that it uses (Internet Explorer).

Encoded onto the cryptokey is a unique digital password that, when used with the proper software, acts as a hybrid asymmetric key and symmetric key encryption system. It can provide users with the only method to access data or files that they have encrypted. Furthermore, it can do so without any keystrokes, thereby eliminating the threat of keystroke tracking software.

The USB cryptokey can securely store digital information and personal data, such as credit card numbers and bank information, keeping that vital information off of user's hard drives and thus inaccessible to would-be identity thieves. It also allows users to specify URLs that the cryptokey will access via Internet Explorer, further eliminating potentially compromising keystrokes. All of this information is guarded by strong 256-bit AES-based dual encryption technology.

The USB Cryptokey and Other Similar Items

The cryptokey is compatible with a variety of software, including encryption software and file-hiding software from Tech Assist Inc. There are also other models of secure USB keys on the market--many of which use 128-bit AES encryption or better, and some are available with up to 2GB of storage. Some models, for corporate use, are available with software to program each individual encryption key, along with a backup-key for administrators.

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